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Clipper Cleaner Features

The Bottom Blast Fan

This feature provides a powerful final air separation before the cleaned product discharges from the cleaner.  All remaining dust and light-weight kernels are separated and discharged from the back settling chamber.  This precision quality air separation insures a separation of light foreign material not possible with ordinary cleaner air systems.

The velocity can be quickly trimmed from the slowest to the fastest degree for precision selectivity - offering a wide range of air adjustments with complete air control.  The Bottom Blast Fan is fast and easy to adjust while the cleaner is in operation and so effective that the slightest change in the air adjustment will make a noticeable effect in the degree of final air separation.

Dustless Type Cleaners

Clipper Cleaners, with the dustless feature, have powerful top suction air to remove dust and light trash before top screening.  As the commodity leaves the hopper, it passes through an air leg connected to the top suction fan to draw air up and through the product, removing the light foreign material.  Many dustless type cleaners feature more than one air separation, depending on the model.  In cleaners with twin air - the first air separation is performed as the commodity leaves the hopper.  The second fan is applied at the point of discharge after all screening to remove any light, chaffy material not removed by the first air and the screens.

The most precise air separation possible incorporates the Bottom Blast Fan with twin top air suction fans.  The commodity enters the vertical air column of the Bottom Blast Fan for its final air separation.  The second top fan - synchronized with the Bottom Blast Fan - blows the air to the dust house or cyclone collector.

Automatic Traveling Brushes

These brushes are designed to travel across and back under each screen.  Screen efficiency is increased when perforations are kept free.  These nylon brushes automatically sweep the underside of each screen with exactly the right amount of tension to perform the job.  Adjustments are quick and easy, and removal for replacement is convenient.  Clean screens can easily make the difference between profit and loss.


Ball Trays

Some Clipper cleaners are equipped with ball trays mounted under each screen deck.  The ball trays are divided into multiple sections, each of which contains rubber balls which bounce against the bottom of the screen as the shoe shakes.

The impact of the balls against the bottom of each screen cleans the screen by loosening material which may be lodged in the screen openings.  On a Clipper machine equipped with ball trays, the trays remain in the machine when the screens are changed, minimizing down time between seed lots.  The ball trays are easily removed when necessary by simply releasing the quick-release hooks on each deck and sliding them out as you would a screen.

Variable Pitch Screens

The screen pitch determines the speed of commodity flow over the screens.  Clipper Grain Cleaners are designed with built-in screen pitch, based on proven experience determining the best degree of pitch.

Clipper Seed Cleaners have Variable Pitch Screens.  Many Super models use the variable range 6 to 12 degrees (as illustrated).  Other ranges are used, depending on the design and purpose of the cleaner.  For example, the Super X  features a variance of 4 to 10 degrees, because the extra steep pitch is not needed for precise cleaning.  The Super 228D has a range of 6 to 18 degrees, giving it greater versatility for fast receiving or slower separation. 

This feature on seed cleaners is necessary because of the variety of seed sizes and shapes.  Scalpings are removed faster by increasing the pitch of the top screen.  Greater capacity can be realized by increasing the pitch of the lower screen.  More thorough cleaning can be performed by lessening the angle of the screens.

Various Type Hoppers

The roll feed brush hopper is designed for grain cleaners to handle trashy commodities.  It consists of a revolving spiked shaft and a slowly revolving fluted roll which force-feeds the commodity between the roll and a special fiber bristle brush.  This hopper prevents clogging and insures a steady, even flow of grain across the full width of the top screen.

The roll feed hopper is recommended when cleaning fine seed containing very little trash.  The commodity is spread evenly across the hopper width as it is fed from a bin.  The slowly revolving fluted roll maintains a steady, even flow of seed across the full width of the top screen.

The corn hopper is designed for seed corn, to prevent cracking or chipping of the kernels.  This special hopper is also proper for feeding other commodities requiring very delicate, non-abrasive handling.  The roll is equipped with 1/2 inch flights which gently pick up the product and, in counter clockwise manner, slowly lower it to the top screen.

The cotton seed hopper is adapted to handle cotton seed; however, this hopper is widely used with extremely trashy seed such as Kobe and Korean lespedeza, brome grass, and similar grasses that do not readily flow.  The large, revolving spiked roll pulls the trashy material down and between the brush on the front of the roll.  A second brush behind the roll keeps the roll clean of clinging material.

Variable Shoe Shake

This feature controls the action of the commodity as it travels down the screens.  Many cleaning jobs require more or less action.  For instance, fast shake is needed to make grass seed flow over wire screens - slow speed insures best sifting of weed seeds from evenly shaped, smooth flowing seeds and grains.  The Variable Shoe Shake gives a wide, continuous range adjustment of screen movement from 300 through 450 vibrations per minute, allowing the operator to select the speed which produces the best cleaning results.


Helpful Clipper Cleaner Information

Right and Left-handed sides are determined by facing the cleaner at the point where the screens are inserted, except in the case of the 228-D (where the hopper end is the front end). In the series cleaners, B designates 3 screen construction and D designates dustless or top fan construction.  H designates variable speed shoe shaker. 
The last numerical digit in the model number indicates the width of the screens:
          7 = 34" x 42" screens
          8 = 54" x 60" screens (sometimes 54" x 86")
          9 = 42" x 60" screens 


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