Bins and Gravity Flow Wagons - MC Conditioning liquidation

liquidation of MC Conditioning 

Price can be for several pieces or one item.  
Please contact us for different combinations.

Location - Pulaski, IL 62976

Equipment to be removed at seller's expense and loaded on your trailer.


Note:  All measurements are approximate.


 Click on the below pictures to make them larger. 

Gravity Flow bed - lot 29

used as surge bin above Crippen cleaner

150 bu capacity

GSI hopper bin, 6 ft diameter - lot 36

used for culls

with 6" load out auger approx 12' long

2 rings tall

no top

152" tall overall

72" x 72" overall width and length (for shipping)

Hopper bin - lot 38

used as surge bin above Oliver 3600 gravity table

with bin level indicator

overall = 22 ft tall

approx 500 bu capacity

Pro box stand for unloading totes - lot 43

very well built

70" tall x 46" wide (67" wide with platform) x 58" long (64" long with spout)

(2) gravity flow wagon beds - lot 55

with wooden extensions

used as hoppers above aspirator

approx 300 bu each

Surge bin (above cleaner) - lot 58

open top

73" x 73" x 99" overall

approx 150 bu

Cull tank bin / Gravity flow wagon bed - lot 64

approx 150 bu

(4) open top hopper bins - lot 69

for corn sizing

9 ft diameter, 1 ring high

60 deg cone

overall height 12 ft

approx 150 bu

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