Clipper Titan 224 seed cleaner

used on soybeans

model Titan 224

Good used condition.  Well maintained.


Has vibratory feed hopper

no bottom blast fan assembly


An eight screen cleaner that utilizes eight decks. In the top shoe the top 2 screen decks uses 3-26" screen sections with a split-scalp flow with the screens set at a 5 degree pitch. The next 2 screen decks uses 4-26 screen sections that can be either Split-Scalp or Split-Sift and are set at a 7 degree pitch.  In the bottom shoe each of the 4 screen decks uses 4-26" screen sections with a 4-way split-sift flow with the screens set at a 8 degree pitch. A total of 292.5 Square feet of screen area.


Small Seed                        200-500 BPH  (4.4-8.2 MTH)

Medium Seed                    400-800 BPH  (5.2-10.15 MTH)

Large Seed & Wheat         800-1200 BPH  (21.76-32 MTH)

Market Cleaning               1500-2500 BPH  (40.8-68 MTH)

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