AT Ferrell Clipper Conquest 586 Seed & Grain Cleaner

12 weeks lead time

NEW Conquest 586 seed cleaner

A five screen cleaner that utilizes five 86" length decks. The Conquest 586 cleaner offers a top shoe assembly with a split-scalp or a scalp-scalp or a scalp-sift flow and a bottom shoe assembly with a scalp-scalp-sift flow or a 3-way split-sift flow. Six different product flows come standard making it one of the most adaptable machines to your product on the market.


Capacities range from 150 to 500 BPH (2.0-13.6MTH) for precision cleaning of large seed and over 1500 BPH (40MTH) of market cleaning.


Six different product flows come standard, making it one of the most adaptable machines for your product on the market.


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Clipper Conquest 586 Seed Cleaner                                                   

Includes the following:


 Variable Speed Vibratory Feed Hopper with 1/2 Hp, 60 Hz, 230 or 460 Volt AC Motor, Drive and Inverter


Top shoe with two (2) 54” x 86” Screenways. Flows include: Scalp-Scalp, Split Scalp, and Scalp-Sift,Fixed Pitch 6 Degrees

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bottom shoe with three (3) 54” x 86” Screenways Flows include: Scalp-Scalp-Sift, or 3-Way Split-Sift, Fixed Pitch 9 Degrees


One Complete Set of Cleaning Screens (15 sections @ 26” each)


Permanent “Style” Screen Cleaning Ball Trays


Manual Variable Speed Shoe Shake, including a 3 Hp, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 230/460 Volt, TEFC Motor and Drive


Two air lock discharge trash augers with full length bottom access doors for easy clean out


10 Hp, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 230/460 Volt TEFC Main Fan Motor and Drive


Two Hand Wheel Calibrated Air Gate Controls for Top and Back Air Gates


Conquest Control Panel mounted on the side of the machine with On/Off Switches and Variable Speed Controls for each

 Variable Speed Motor. (Eccentric, Vib Hopper, and Bottom Fan)


 Conquest Dual Bottom Blast Fan using a 3 HP, 60 Hz motor and inverter. 230,460,575 Volt Power 

            Voltage Must be Specified


Grease Line Package for machine with Bottom Blast Fan              


Includes Optional hopper agitator kit with gear motor drive                                 

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