Conveyors - MC Conditioning Liquidation

liquidation of MC Conditioning 

Price can be for several pieces or one item.  
Please contact us for different combinations.

Location - Pulaski, IL 62976

Equipment to be removed at seller's expense and loaded on your trailer.


See below for equipment piece by piece.

Note:  All measurements are approximate.



Click on the below pictures to make them larger. 

Description is above each set of pictures.

18" Belt conveyor - lot 05

9'6" long

v trough belt


Used on an ORGANIC line.

12" KSI belt conveyor - lot 09

cleated belt

19' long


Used on an ORGANIC line.

KSI Tube conveyor, model 0806 - lot 19

8' long

cleated belt


Used on an ORGANIC line.

Valmetal conveyor, 14" crescent top belt - lot 23

15' overall length

pivoting angled head


variable speed

5' slant section, 10' flat section

Click here for more information.


Used on an ORGANIC line.

Bag moving conveyor - lot 26

elevated, angled fixed height

12" from ground on lower side, 40" from ground on tall side

13" belt

single phase

11' length


Used on an ORGANIC line.

Rapat 12" crescent belt conveyor - lot 37

near ceiling from Crippen leg

approx 13 ft long

Rapat 12" belt conveyor - lot 45

from gravity with clean grain

7 ft long

(2) Val Metal conveyors - lot 70

adjustable angle discharge

16' flat section

6' angle section

14" crescent belt

under the corn sizing bins

More information:

Val Metal 24" belt conveyor - lot 72

from cleaner to gravity on other side of the room (in ceiling)

33 ft long

smooth top

More information:

16" belt conveyor - lot 73

crescent top

12 ft long

feeding the Carter Day 612 grader

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