Crippen Seed & Grain Cleaner Brushes - NEW

Crippen Seed & Grain Cleaner Brushes ( Scrapers Sweepers ).

Five different sizes are available 31.5" 4 bristle sections, 


32" 2 bristle sections, 34" 4 bristle sections, 39.5" 3 bristle sections, 49.5" 3 bristle sections. The bristles are black nylon 1 3/8" high from base to top and the diameter is .028. The height from the bottom of the wood base to the top of the bristle is 2" The wood base is 3/4" wide. 


Please measure the length of your original Crippen brushes and count the how many bristle sections it has and then order accordingly.

Click on the below pictures to view them larger.

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