Satake Evolution MIR color sorter

Very little use. 138,000 lb cracked run through it.

Used on Organic pecans.

Business shut down because of Covid.  Only operated 1 year.


Brand:  Satake

model:  EVO-IR-400


 About this machine as per Satake:

The machine has a clean history and no past known problems according to our records. This machine is an IR (InfraRed) machine which does a good job in Pecans and possibly Almonds. As for grains, this machine will not do the typical sort needed.  If the customer is looking to sort Foreign Material “only” we should test first to be sure we can achieve the F.M. sort quality needed. 


  • The RGB full-color series is ideal for multiple colored applications or minor shade differences.
  • The MIR sorter line is configured to remove defects in the tough to monitor IR wavelengths.
  • Combining both the full-color RGB and multi wavelength IR technology provides industry-standard detection.
  • Proprietary image capture processing software with ability to pinpoint defects and remove them accurately.
  • No lamp or optical filter change required during product changeover.
  • Improved high capacity material handling system, up to 50% more capacity.
  • High ejector density design for concentrating the rejected fraction.
  • Movable screen to observe the defect image data during product set up.


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