Forsberg High Efficiency Cyclone

Air outlet is 17.5 x 30"

Air inlet is 30 x 13.5"

Overall height of the cyclone is 230"

Square frame it sits in is 91 x 74"

Diameter of the unit is 62"

Diameter of the material outlet is 8"

Flat part of the cyclone is 112"

Cone part is 94"


Comes with rectangular transition that angles the air outlet downward.

Comes with square to round transition that is 14.5 diameter, it bolts onto the air inlet. Round reducer could be removed


CFM at 1" static pressure is 4,995

CFM at 2" static pressure is 6,890

CFM at 3" static pressure is 8,380

CFM at 4" static pressure is 9,445

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