A&K Power Husker Husking Beds

1 unit available - 12 lane model 

with Metering Conveyor and Shaker Feeder

and extra pallet of husking rolls



7 units available - 12 lane models

Some have Shaker feeders



12-Lane – 24 husking rolls arranged into 12 husking lanes. 12-14 tons per hour capacity


Power Husker

This machine is designed to remove husks, hair, stalks, and other waste from corn cob without damaging kernels. Electric motors power the husking roll bed through a series of enclosed gear drivers. Oscillators help align the product and prevent clogs and jams. Husking roll shafts are five segments long and arranged into lanes. All product contact parts are stainless steel or other non-corrosive materials. Frame is mild steel construction, hot dipped galvanized.


Shaker feeders for even distribution of product into each of the husking lanes



Click here for a manual



Click on the below pictures to view them larger.

12 Lane Power Husker with metering conveyor

(7) 12 lane Power Huskers some with shaker feeders

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