Kincaid Portable Plot Thresher

Similar in design and capacity to the Almaco large portable plot thresher and the Swanson model B1 portable plot thresher.


The gas engine has been checked and completely serviced. Please see video to watch the unit run.


This Kincaid Portable Plot Thresher is specially suited for threshing small grains such as Wheat, Barley, Canola, Soy, and Hemp. Threshing capacity is similar to a plot combine, yet small enough to tow.


This thresher is commonly utilized for seed purity and regulated plot work due to its unique design which allows for easy cleanout and no seed carry-over.  A versatile, high-capacity machine perfect for threshing large plots of small grains, cereals, forages, legumes and Hemp. 


Threshing capacity is +/-1800-2000 lbs of threshed grain per hour.


Feed tray 60 inches above ground for easy feeding

Adjustable concaves, variable speed cylinder, two cleaning fans and adjustable sieve

Tires on spring-mounted axles allow thresher to be towed at highway speeds

Comes with inspection doors and panels that are easy to use and make inspection and clean out quick and simple

18-inch rasp bar drum

Adjustable fan speed

Variable speed transmission

Gas, power key start engine


Shipping dims are:

66" W

120" L

69" H

1700 lbs

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