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Foundation/ Pre-foundation Parent Seed Plant Equipment


Preference is to sell all of the equipment as a unit, but may sell individual pieces.  Please inquire.


He built this mini-plant four years ago for small to medium lots of breeder/ foundation soybean and wheat seed. It was designed to fit in a small footprint of 25’ x 30’, and under a 13’ foot ceiling. It was also designed for quick and thorough clean-out between lots. He was able to achieve excellent cleaning efficiency at around 50 to 80 bushels/hour. Most equipment has 3PH 480V motors.


The Cimbria air/screen machine has top and bottom air, and one scalper and one sifter screen. Both have ball trays. This was a used machine when he installed it.


A Clipper vibratory conveyor takes seed away from the cleaner and feeds the gravity table leg.


The LMC gravity table has a deck for soybeans or corn, which he was also able to use for wheat. This was a used machine.


The Gustafson seed treater and mix tank were also used when installed.

The elevator legs are all Universal B’s, and were new at installation. One leg feeds the gravity table, one leg is for discards, one leg is dedicated to non-treated clean seed and feeds the non-treated packaging bin, and one leg is dedicated to treated clean seed and feeds the treated packaging bin. The discards leg is equipped with a telescoping spout that he used to feed a seed box.


There are four custom bins. One for uncleaned seed above the air/screen cleaner, one for seed above the gravity table, one for finished non-treated packaging, and one for finished treated packaging. All have level sensors which turn on and off appropriate machines when low or full. Each of the four bins are easily lifted off with a forklift, and the framework accepts a seed box. Seed can be cleaned, and/or run over the gravity, and/or packaged directly from seed boxes.


The packaging bins/ frames are used for either paper bagging with the Taylor TE-100 bagger, or for filling bulk bags and seed boxes.  


The dust control system is his own design and build. Air is filtered through several dust cartridges, and dust/ debris fall into two mini-bulk bags.


He has an additional two pieces that he will sell with or without the above equipment. One is a nice, rebuilt Fischbein sewing line, and one is an RSI inkjet bag printer.

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