Seed Cleaning Line #2

liquidation of MC Conditioning 

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Location - Pulaski, IL 62976

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Note:  All measurements are approximate.


Seed Cleaning line #2

used on soybeans, wheat, and sorghum

(may be used for other seeds as well)

new in 1992

installed at MC Conditioning 2017 and used until 2019


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Description is above each set of pictures.

Crippen Century Pro 388 seed cleaner - lot 28

right hand

new in 7/1992

guardian indicator panel

with a variety of screens

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Crippen Century.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.1 MB

Gravity Flow bed - lot 29

used as surge bin above Crippen cleaner

150 bu capacity

Universal C3 bucket elevator - lot 30

used as clean grain leg from cleaner

23 ft discharge

25 ft overall height

Harden 6 core enclosed spiral separator - lot 31

8 flight cores with retro fit heads

extra bin extension

Carter Day 56" VDMC - lot 32

(vertical drop multi-clean aspirator)

date:  9/1997

more information:


with Forsberg 16HA fan

15 hp motor

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carter day VDMC.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 931.8 KB

Crippen bucket elevator with 9x5 buckets - lot 33

dodge shaft mount reducer

27'2" discharge

30'2" overall height

Rapat conveyor - lot 34

used under cleaner for culls

30' long

12" belt

Universal B3 leg - lot 35

used as cull leg

16'6" discharge

18' overall height

GSI hopper bin, 6 ft diameter - lot 36

used for culls

with 6" load out auger approx 12' long

2 rings tall

no top

152" tall overall

72" x 72" overall width and length (for shipping)

Rapat 12" crescent belt conveyor - lot 37

near ceiling from Crippen leg

approx 13 ft long

Hopper bin - lot 38

used as surge bin above Oliver 3600 gravity table

with bin level indicator

overall = 22 ft tall

approx 500 bu capacity

Oliver 3600 gravity table - lot 39

left hand

new in 7/1997

s# 10275

updated with flush mount filters and motorized blender conveyor

with 2 decks:  cereal grain and large seed decks (both coated mesh)

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Oliver maxicap gravities (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 591.0 KB
Oliver maxicap gravities (2).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 831.2 KB
MaxiCap Gravity Specifications.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 658.1 KB

Universal B3 bucket elevator - lot 40

used for discards from gravity table

14'6" discharge

16' overall height

Universal B bucket elevator - lot 41

used for midlings return to surge bin

24'6" discharge

26' overall height

Universal C3 bucket elevator - lot 42

used for clean grain from gravity table

with 2 way Y-valve to treater or bagging bins

22' discharge

24' overall height

Pro box stand for unloading totes - lot 43

very well built

70" tall x 46" wide (67" wide with platform) x 58" long (64" long with spout)

Electrical panel for seed cleaning line #2 - lot 44

Square D brand

200 amp in / disconnect

84" tall x 6' wide x 14" deep

Rapat 12" belt conveyor - lot 45

from gravity with clean grain

7 ft long

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