WA Rice Dodder Mill, Model 52

Good serviceable condition.

Late model unit

single phase motor.


They remove undesirable weed seeds from red, mammoth, white, crimson, ladino, sweet, alsike and alyce clover; alfalfa, trefoil and hulled lespedeza.

They readily separate timothy from alsike and unhulled from hulled lespedeza.

They are famous for removal of dodder, dock, wild carrot, bullnettle, foxtail, peppergrass, sorrel, catchfly, oxeye daisy, hulled ragweed . . . also for satisfactory removal of quackgrass, Johnson grass, whitetop and cranebill.

Excellent in removal of foxtail from swichgrass.

And nothing can compare with their performance in salvaging seed from screenings and tailings.

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