Eliminator 224 Seed Cleaner

based on the design on the Clipper M2B seed cleaner

This seed cleaner is especially suited for those cleaning small amounts of seed, such as
corn, soybeans, wheat, rye, hemp, grass seeds, wildflower and native grass seeds. 



   * all metal construction for durability

   * variable speed final bottom blast of air for further separation

   * screens change rapidly to save time and labor

   * complete set of enclosed belt guards

   * screen cleaning brushes to remove commodity stuck in the screen

   * includes one set of screens for your crop (2 screens)

   * split sacking auger

   * hopper agitating feed wire

   * adjustable air intake slide gates

   * Over 175 different sizes of perforated metal or wire cloth screens available.  
   * If you already own screens for a Clipper 2B or M2B, they will fit in the Eliminator 224.

Screens needed for various crops
SCREEN SUGGESTIONS - 2 screen cleaners.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 202.0 KB

Some specifics:
Size:  84"L x 48"W x 52"H (without dust box)

Horsepower: 3/4 hp
Shipping Weight:  600 lbs.

Crated size:  45” W x 93” L x 56” H
Capacity:  30-50 bu. per hr.
Screen size:  24 1/2 " x 22 1/4 "
Drive Shaft Speed:  400 to 410 rpm

Updated Features:

  * all new construction

  * scotch ply hangers for added durability and stability

  * motor mounted below the machine for better visibility of screens

  * all bearings & belts updated to standardized sizes and available locally

  * heavy duty gear box brush drive system

  * safety shields for all belts

  * specialized features as requested by you: voltages, stands, auger lengths, paint colors.

sacking auger
sacking auger
screen cleaning brushes
screen cleaning brushes
easy access safety shields
easy access safety shields

hopper agitating feed wire
hopper agitating feed wire
heavy duty gear box brush drive
heavy duty gear box brush drive
standardized bearings
standardized bearings

adjustablbe air intake slide gates
adjustablbe air intake slide gates
scotch ply hangers
scotch ply hangers
aluminum 3 step pulley for easy fan adjustment
aluminum 3 step pulley for easy fan adjustment

A comment from a happy customer:

“The seed cleaner arrived last Thursday. . . and it arrived in perfect condition. We've already cleaned 3 lots of bean seed and 1 lot of corn seed. It's very well designed and easy to use. I love that we can replace the belts at NAPA if we need to. We are pleased with it — definitely the right machine for our scale at this time.”

Several videos by our customers

Now available - Optional Dust Control Box

Fits the Eliminator 224 or M2B seed cleaner

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