Pedestal Bag Sewing Machine System - NEW


System Includes:



  • Single 5" Sq Tube post.  Sewing head motor 1 hp and starter.  Photo eye activation w/reflector
    Manual up/down adjustment.  NEMA 12 controls.  Casters


Fischbein 100 Plain Sew Head

  • Fischbein Empress Series sewing heads are know for their durability and craftsmanship.  Contructed from heavy duty metal components, the versatile and compact Empress sewing head is designed to securely close filled open mouth, multi-wall paper, woven, and laminated woven polypropylene bags in the most demanding work environments.  Fischbein's pressurized, self-lubracating system protects moving parts and ensures maximum productivity with low maintenance.


Fischbein D 4380-65 Power In-Feed

  • Standard short length (13.50 inches) plain sew infeed - guides the bag top into the sewing head.  Depending on plant conditions, the D4380 infeed's operational range is 60+ linear feet per minute. 


Power Infeed Controls

  • Includes 1/3 hp motor, contactor, starter, jumper, and hardware.


Pheumatic Thread Cutter/ Pusher & Photo Eye (Optional)


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