RedJacket Electric Grain Roasters

Simple to operate and maintain - Hassle Free on farm grain roasting

 Designed Specifically for Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Producers

 looking to Lower Feed Costs while at the same time providing the

Cleanest, Healthiest Protein Source for their Livestock.


Around-the-Clock, On-Farm Roasting

that's especially great for Organic and Non-GMO Grains.


Call for pricing and details.

Roast a variety of grains.

Roasted soybeans, corn, barley, wheat, milo, oats, flax seed, hemp seed, and peanuts.

Benefits of a Redjacket Roaster on Your Farm!

  • Take control of your feed rations
  • Fresher Feed on demand
  • Greatly reduce feed transportation costs.
  • Roast around the clock with little to no supervision.
  • No more scheduling issues.


Model 1040 standard - 2,400 lbs / day

Model 1042 basic - 3,600 lbs / day

Model 1044 advanced - 3,600 lbs / day


Model 2042 basic - 7,200 lbs / day

Model 2044 advanced - 7,200 lbs / day

Model 2044D advanced - 14,400 lbs / day

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  • All Electric
  • 240V, Single Phase
  • 240V or 480V 3PH (Special Order)
  • Fully Automatic Continuous Flow
  • Around-the-Clock Roasting
  • Empty Supply Automatic Shutdown
  • Auger Overload Protection
  • Automatic Under Heat and Overheat Protection
  • Quality Components
  • Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish

How it works


A series of electrical heater bands attaches to an auger tube as the oven. This efficiently heats and roasts the grain as it travels up the auger. The grain enters through the auger in the bottom of the hopper and roasted grain and steam exit out the top end of the unit. The grain is in the auger oven for about 5 minutes from bottom to top... 

It's a very simple, effective & reliable design.


As far as temperatures for soybeans...  The "oven" temperature runs between 525°-575°F to reach an ideal soybean roast temperature of 280°-300°F. The roasters are highly adjustable and can be used for other grains as well. Corn for instance needs to be set at a higher temperature and that is easily achieved with the digital thermostats. 

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