New Equipment

We sell many brands of new seed cleaning machinery.  


Eliminator 224 Seed Cleaner - Manufactured by us at CTI


Stack and Store Tote Bin - Manufactured by us at CTI


Collapsible Tote Bins


Standard 4" Auger / Feeder - Manufactured by us at CTI


Custom Built Auger or Feeder - Manufactured by us at CTI


Thrifty Lift Bucket Elevator - Manufactured by us at CTI


Seed Bags - Finest Quality Seeds - available in smaller quantities


AT Ferrell / Clipper Office Tester Seed Cleaner


Clipper Conquest 586 Seed & Grain Cleaner


Clipper Eclipse 324 Seed & Grain Cleaner


Q-Sage Debearders


Forsberg Precision Air Classifiers 


Forsberg Lab Gravity Table - model 10-M2S


Forsberg Model 2 Huller


Satake Color Sorter - model Pikasen 2000


Cardinal Grain - screw conveyors


Express Scale GB-32 Bagging Scale

                               identical to a Howe Richardson G-17


Taylor OM2 Mechanical Bagging Scale



Pedestal Sewing Machine System

                               with Fischbein head and in-feeder


Bin Grain Spreader

Clipper Separation Seed Cleaners

-manufactured by AT Ferrell Co.

Forsberg Inc - Gravity separators & destoners

Taylor Products, a Division of Magnum Systems

 - Bagging Scales

- Bag Filling Systems

Universal Industries

 - Material Handling

 - Bucket Elevators

LMC Lewis M Carter Manufacturing

- Industrial Separation Equipment

Profile Industries

- Spiral Separator Manufacturer

Nitech IPM Stretch Wrappers

- Stretch wrapping machines 


Cool Seed Post Harvest Technology
-Grain chilling equipment

Q-Sage Inc. 
"Quality Seed and Grain Equipment"

Seed cleaners & debearders

 Oliver Manufacturing

- Gravity Tables

- Destoners

- Precision Sizers

WA Rice Seed Co.  

Separation based on texture of the seed coat.

Flo-More Equipment

 - Manufactured by Ferrell-Ross Roll Mfg.

                                      - Rotary scalpers and cleaners

Satake Color Sorters

 - Optical Sorting Machines


Lone Star Roller Mills

 - Single, Double, and Triple Roller mills

Commodity Traders International

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101 East Main St.

Trilla, IL 62469


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