Cool Seed Post Harvest Technology

Post-harvest technology to naturally maintain seed and grain quality - Grain Cooling Equipment

Founded in 2001, CoolSeed manufactures cooling units for stored grains and seeds in silos and warehouses and for seed bagging lines. The technology and equipment allows you to preserve the desired physical, physiological and nutritional characteristics of your stored grains and seeds naturally, without the use of fumigants or pesticides.



The Case for the Use of Grain Chilling Equipment on Grains and Seeds in Commodity Storage Facilities


After harvesting, grains and seeds continue to live and, like all living organisms, they breathe. In this process, the grain takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide, water and energy in the form of heat. For a commodity in storage, this causes the temperature of the grain mass to gradually increase, and even more so if the grain/seed is stored with high humidity levels.


The higher the temperature and humidity, the greater the metabolic activity of the grain, the greater its weight loss and the lower its quality. This in turn causes the grain/seed to be more prone to being attacked by fungi and insects, and as a result it’s desired maximum storage time will be shortened.


The objective of using chilling equipment on grain/seed in a bin, tank, silo or shed is to minimize the rate of respiration, minimize grain deterioration, minimize the development of insects in the grain mass, and to create inadequate conditions for the development of mold/mycotoxins.


Cool Seed’s equipment and technology allows you to accomplish the above economically, effectively and naturally…without the use of chemicals.

We can offer these units to you new from the factory.  Call or email for details.

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