Clipper Parts & Manuals

For models 2B, 2B Special, M2B and Eclipse 324

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New Clipper M-2B screens are size 24.5" wide x 22.25" long


( These screens will also fit Clipper 2b , Clipper AGM 224, Clipper Eclipse 324, Eliminator 224, Crippen Micro 224, Crippen Micro 324, and Crippen Midget Cleaners )



Scanned COPY of 2 manuals that are out of print


The booklet on the left is called "The Improved Clipper M-2B."
The M2B is the red, metal cleaner.


The booklet on the right is called "Handy Direction Book for the Clipper Farm Model No. 2-B and 2-B Special."
The 2B / 2B Special is the red, wooden cleaner.



These are the instruction manuals that give general directions on how to operate your mill and give the general uses of different screens.  They have illustrations of actual sizes of screen perforations.  They have a diagram of repair parts.

They also have a suggested screen list that tells you which screen to use in the top and which one to put in the bottom for the various commodities.

The M2B manual has 36 pages if you count front and back covers, and the 2B / 2B Special manual has 20 pages counting the covers.


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Agitator Feed Wire for the Clipper M-2B and 2B Special seed and grain cleaners


This part is the agitator wire that fits in the metal hopper for the Clipper M-2B
and the wooden hopper for Clipper 2B Special.

It is used for feeding seeds evenly through the machine. 


It also fits the Eliminator 224 seed cleaner.


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