Crippen EP-44 Grain Polisher

Horizontal brush and scourer for removal of hulls, crease dirt, insect fragments, "beeswings", sprouts, pithy kernels, and hulls of buckwheat, cockle, etc. 


Scours and scrubs grain without loss of yield or excessive breakage of sound grain. 


All steel construction and designed to eliminate places for accumulation of dust or insects.


Some specifics:
   Size:  73" L x 44"W x 76" H
Horsepower:  7.5 hsp
Shipping Weight:   1800 lbs.
Capacity:  500 bu per hr.
 Drive Shaft Speed:   1000 rpm

Click the link below to download literature.

Crippen EP-44 Grain Polisher Literature
Crippen EP-44_3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 177.3 KB
Brush inside the polisher
Brush inside the polisher

In our shop, we at CTI completely refurbish the Crippen units and make them like new. 


If this machine can help you, call or email us!  If you own a Crippen polisher that you would like for us to rebuild, call today!

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