Equipment we commonly handle

The following is a list of the equipment that we commonly handle that might help you with your seed, feed, and grain processing needs. 

We also are willing to purchase used equipment. 


Email or call for a specific piece you need. 


Seed Cleaners

Eliminator 224 Seed Cleaner - brand new!


Clipper Seed Cleaners

Clipper 147B seed cleaner

Clipper 157BD seed cleaner

Clipper 167D seed cleaner

Clipper 248BDH seed cleaner

Clipper 27 seed cleaner

Clipper 39S scalper cleaner

Clipper 47B Seed Cleaner

Clipper 57BD seed cleaner

Clipper 67D seed cleaner

Clipper M2B Seed Cleaners  

Clipper S43 scalper pre-cleaner

Clipper stainless steel seed cleaner, model 47D

Clipper Super 2969D seed cleaner

Clipper Super 298D Seed Cleaner

Clipper Super 29B seed cleaner

Clipper Super 29D Seed Cleaners

Clipper Super 47BD Seed Cleaner

Clipper Super 49D seed cleaner

Clipper Super 69D seed cleaner

Clipper Super K 2248 D2A seed cleaner

Clipper Super KV 4868BD seed cleaner

Clipper Super TR-2609D seed cleaner

Clipper Super X 297D seed cleaner

Clipper Super X 29D seed cleaner

Clipper Super X-298D Seed Cleaner


Crippen Cleaners

Crippen buckhorn machine for clover

Crippen edible bean polishing drum

Crippen roll feed hopper
Crippen seed cleaner, model MF-7288-LH

Crippen seed cleaner, model A-334-RH


Crippen seed cleaner, model Century 688-2/4-RH



Other Cleaners

Cleland #60 Cleaner

Eureka dustless separator

Eureka S Howe #6 cleaner

Forster Cyclone grain cleaner, size 13

Monitor seed cleaner, model # LH1A

Robinson cleaner, size 23

S Howe #3 seed cleaner

S Howe Oat Scourer Cleaner

S. Howe separator, size 2

Union Iron Works corn cleaner, #35

Aspirators & Fans

Carter Day 36” duo aspirator w/fan

Carter Day 36” duo aspirator, open circuit

Carter Day 48” fractionating aspirator

Carter Day fans

Carter-Day 60" Duo Aspirator, open circuit

Clipper fan

Forsberg 16HA fan

Forsberg fan, 12” dia inlet and outlet

Forsberg vertical aspirator, model 6”x18”

Kice 48” aspirator, Multi clean, vert drop

South Dakota seed blower style aspirator

Sprout Waldron fan

Strong Scott blower

Triple S Duo Aspirator

Indents and Disc Separators

Carter 25/27 Disc Separator

Carter Day 1514 disc mill, for sunflowers

Carter Day 1522 disc mill

Carter Day 1VT precision sizer

Carter Day 2131 disc drum separator

Carter Day 612 sizers

Carter-Day 1547 Disc Separator

Ideal indent separator, model S-3

Ideal S1 indent separators, 23T drums

Screens for Superior Rock-It corn graders

Superior 48” Scalperator

Superior C11 Indent Separators

Superior C-56 Indent separator

Superior indent separator, model ST

Superior indent separators, model C52

Superior indent sizer, model A1

Superior indent sizer, model J

Superior indents model CG, #16 drums

Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevator inventory changes quickly, 
so please call to talk about what we have today.

B3 Universal Bucket Elevators
C3 Universal Bucket Elevators
D3 Universal Bucket Elevators

Clipper bucket elevator wooden leg

Crippen grain legs – qty 2

Huss & Schlieper bucket elevator

Universal bucket elevator, 20' model C

Universal bucket elevator, 23' model C

Bins & Seed Storage

Mix mill 4 compartment bin

Seed weigh buggies – qty 4

Stainless steel let down bin

Stainless steel micro ingredient bins – qty 2

Debearders & Dehullers

Cleland expert dehuller / scarifier

Clipper debearder

Clipper debearder w/dust collection aspiration

Forsberg #2 huller

Knoedler Gold Nugget Oat Huller

Seed Treaters

Gustafson 30 gal stainless steel mix tank – qty 2

Gustafson 50 gal stainless steel mix tank with pump

Gustafson 50 gallon mix tank – qty 2

Gustafson hex drums – qty 2

Gustafson S100 seed treater

Gustafson seed treaters, model S1 – qty 2

Panogen US60 seed treater

Lab & Research Equipment 

Carter Day laboratory indent separators – qty 3

Carter Day laboratory precision sizers – qty 3

Custom Seed Equipment foundation seed sizer

Elenite Monitor Filter & UV Water Sterilizer

Gustafson laboratory seed treater, model ss-lab

Kice laboratory aspirators – qty 2

Retch laboratory huller, type SR3

WA Rice Dodder Mill Tester

Processing & Feed Equipment

Automatic feed & grain trip scale

Big Chief corn cutter screener

Bryant Poff Corn cutter/ sifter

CS Bell #10 hammermill

Custom Made Feed mixer

Davis 10x10 roller mill

Davis 10x18 single pair roller mill

Davis horizontal mixer, model 20

Davis roller mill, 10x20

Ferrell Ross 10x18 single pair roller mill

Harvestore stationary horizontal mixer, 1000 lb capacity

Henke roller mill, 6”x6”

Henke single pair roller mill, 7x27

Kelly Duplex Corn burr mill w/sifter

Letz Portable Burr Mill and Mixer, pto driven

Peerless 10x20 roller mill

Poff corn cutter & sifter

Roskamp 9x12 single pair roller mill

Roskamp 9x18 single pair roller mill

Roskamp 9x24 single pair roller mil

Roskamp 9x36 single pair roller mill

Roskamp model K 9x30 2 pair high roller mill

Roskamp roller mill, 9x12 model DP900

S Howe Cereal cutter, size 0

S. Howe corn sheller

Bagging, Weighing & Sewing Equipment 

Fischbein model E handheld sewer

Fischbein sewing pedestal w/sliding table, model E head

Howe Richardson G17 bagger

Key Mat bag printer

Mac rebagger (bag dump) w/air filter

Pallet stacking corral for Slidell stacker

Platform scales

S. Howe Bagging scale

Slidell swivel stacker

Taylor OM2 bagger

Gravity Tables/ Destoners 

Forsberg #10 gravity table w/2 decks

Forsberg 40V gravity table

Forsberg 50V gravity table

Forsberg VS Destoner

Oliver 240 Gravity Table

Oliver aspirating feeder fans, 1000 to 1200 cfm

Oliver gravity table, model 160

Triple S gravity table, model AX100


Clipper Cleaner accessories

Clipper 8 series shaker trough

Clipper 8 series vibratory hoppers

Clipper 9 series shaker trough

Clipper shaker trough, 7 series

Clipper SuperFlo shaker trough, 10’ long


Crippen EP-44 bean polisher w/fan


Big Chief 2 deck Screener

Feterl rotary screener

Prater vibratory screener

Prater VS screener

Rotex Jr Sifter/ screener

Smico Screener, stainless

Sprout Waldron 2 screen shaker 

Dust Control Equipment 

60” cyclone

Oliver aspirating feeder fans, 1000 to 1200 cfm

Torit dust collector, model 84 

Misc Grain Handling Equipment

Azo rotary sifter

Brush huller machines for tree seeds – qty 2

Buhler concentrator

Buhler scourer

Forster Bran Duster, size 0

Miag Bran Duster

Rotex, model 2

S. Howe In-Suspension Grain Scourer

Grass Seed Equipment & Dodder Mills

Brummel Iron powder mill for clover

Cleland Clover Seed Huller

Cleland Sawdust Mill for Buckhorn removal from Clover seed

Clipper Eddy Giant Clovers Hullers

Perigon Complete Angle Bumper for Timothy

WA Rice 10 roll Dodder Mill

WA Rice 20 roll Dodder Mill, model 52

WA Rice 8 roll WARSCO dodder mill, model 52S

Weimag Iron Powder Mill 


Amos 2 core enclosed spiral separator

Amos 4 core enclosed spiral separator

Amos spiral separator, single core enclosed, model 50

Cleland open spiral, 2 core

Harden 4 core enclosed spirals 


12” screw conveyor, 12’ long

17’ Chantland conveyor, 24” wide belt

6” screw conveyor, 13’ L

Carter Day shaker trough

Chantland 30’ belt conveyor, 12” wide belt

Chantland belt conveyor, 12” wide belt, 15’L

Chantland conveyor, 10’L

Chantland flat belt conveyor, 60”L, 24” wide belt

Clipper belt conveyor, 6’ L

Hush & Schlieper belt conveyor, 10” wide belt, 12’ L

Hush & Schlieper belt conveyor, 12’ L, 8” wide belt – qty 2

Hutcheson 6” bin unloading augers, 10’ long – qty 2

Hytrol conveyors, 76”L, 18” wide belt – qty 3

LMC shaker conveyor, 72” long

Oliver shaker conveyor, 12” wide, 84” L

Paul Hattaway shaker conveyor, 84” long

Rapat Conveyor, 80”

Rapat v-belt conveyor, 4’ long

Rapid conveyor, 13.5’

Sudenga 6” screw conveyor

Universal conveyor, inclined, 10’L

Universal belt conveyor, 10” wide



Viking Liquid Pump
Gould Hydraulic Power unit

2 way and 3 way valves and cushion boxes



Thanks for looking at our equipment list! Call us for additional equipment!

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