Buhler Sortex Color Sorters - 4 available

4 units available:

(1) A2 machine (demo unit), 2019 unit – $190,000 USD

(1) A4 machine 6000 hours, 2020 unit - $190,000 USD

(1) A4-BRBR (2016) - $165,000.00 USD

(1) A3-BRBB (2022) - $190,000.00 USD


Compressed air network and water cooler system NOT included.


New price would be $252,000. for these models.


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SORTEX A3 MultiVision™ InGaAs – BRBB Optical Sorter 


Inspection System

- High-resolution MultiVision inspection system – targets subtlest color variations as well as light and dark color defects

- Enhanced InGaAs technology – removes foreign material that is the same color as the good product

- Proprietary PROfile™ (shape)technology including SmartEject™ – sorts products and foreign material which are the same color as the good product using shape characterises

- Flexible broadband LED and broad-spectrum (IR) lighting system – enhanced defect recognition in the visible and infrared spectrum range

- Automated background for module to module consistency 

Feed System

- 3 modules – 300mm sorting width each module

- Customized feeding system including application specific chute profile for accurate feeding

- Flexible sorting configurations including simultaneous re-sort capability – improves final reject ratio and yield (upgrade option available)

- Digital feedback vibrator technology

- Good-contact safe anodized chutes

Ejection System

- Designed in-hour, long-life, high resolution easily serviceable ejectors

- SmartEject system – fires precisely at the whole object to ensure efficient removal 

Software and Display

- 12.1” color touch screen

- Proprietary software with individual defect sensitivity controls for various defect types

- Multi-language user interface

- Product modes to handle multiple applications


- Proprietary automated product tracking – constantly scan and adjust sorting performance based on incoming product to provide consistent product quality

- Auto-calibration 

- Auto-wiping – maintains a clean optical viewing area during operation

- SORTEX AnyWare – optional remote access for real-time monitoring by Buhler engineers


- Advanced Climate Control System (CCS) – successful operation with a tolerance to ambient temperatures ranging between 0˚ C and 50˚ C (32˚ F and 122˚ F) (CCS requires the use of water chiller)

- Quick chute release system – simple to change chutes to suit different sorting applications and chute removal for thorough cleaning

- Sealed optical boxes (Rated IP5X) to prevent dust ingress and associated performance decline

- Heavy-gauge mild steel powder-coated frame

- Brushed stainless steel hoppers and receptacles


- Receptable dust extraction points 

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