Organic Growers need Organic Seed Processors

We have been cleaning and marketing seed and grain since 1975.  In 2004, we were certified as Organic Processor Handlers.  As processors, we offer a large variety of cleaning equipment.  This makes us able to precision clean your seed or grain.  We strive to achieve the highest purity and find the best markets for your seed.  

Certified Organic Seed Plant

Our Trilla Facility has met all standards and requirements for

 NOP Organic Certification by Ecocert.

 As a Certified Organic Handler/ Processor,

 we can process and package your organic seeds and grains.


Call us for all your organic processing needs.


We are continuing to offer conventional seed and grain cleaning, as well.

We sell equipment to clean a variety of seeds.

Commodity Traders International

PO Box 6

101 East Main St.

Trilla, IL 62469


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